Wedding Planning: Tips to Stay on Budget

Once you become engaged, a very strange thing happens. The logical, money conscience, responsible side of the female brain suddenly finds itself in a battle of wits with the impulsive, emotional, “but this is once in a lifetime” side. This is what I call the brain vs. heart complex. Your brain knows that this is about you and the man of your dreams getting married and it’s crazy to spend a million dollars for one day. Your heart, on the other hand, has been fantasizing about this day for years and wants every little detail to be perfect: “Of course I need the custom ice sculptures depicting us on our first date!”. The trick here is moderation and balance. Here are a few tips from the pros to keep you on track.

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1. Put Your Money Where You Heart Is. Prioritize your budget to make sure you are putting your money where it matters.  Maybe you have always dreamed of having a band, or peonies, or that awesome caterer your best friend told you about.  If so, make your budget like a list with the most important items on top and least important on bottom.


2. Shop Around. Do your research because not all vendors are the same. Get quotes from at least two vendors for each item so you have something to compare.  Ask the vendor what you can do to stay in budget, most vendors are eager to help you create your dream wedding and have ideas on how to do that within your financial comfort zone.


3. Timing is Everything. Look at the time of year and day of week. Winter is usually “off season” for weddings and a lot of venues/vendors give discounts for getting married on a Friday or Sunday.  If a Friday wedding worked for William and Kate, maybe it would work for you too!


4. Work It, Baby! Do you have a unique skill set you could trade for? Sometimes venues and vendors need help with website design, marketing, etc and are willing to trade services.  It’s definitely worth asking!


5. Just Go With It.  Accept what you do have and act like it was on purpose. If you can’t afford upgraded linens for every table, then only have them on special tables (ex:  head table and cake table) and have standard poly on the guest tables.  Don’t mix and match upgraded and standard too much in the guest tables, then it looks like you ran out of money.


Ultimately, realize that most brides have to compromise somewhere. That’s life and you can still have a wonderful wedding even if you aren’t able to have every little thing on your wish list!  Your guests will only see what you actually do, not what you almost did or wanted to do.  If you end up having garden folding chairs instead of chivari chairs, (as long as you don’t tell anyone) they won’t know the difference.


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