Adding a Fiesta Flair to Your Wedding

  1. Use Bold Colors. The range of colors is endless. They just need to make a bold statement. Feel free to go big with lots of layers of different colors, or add festive pops against a more neutral background.

  2. Serve Mexican Food. A taco bar is a hit with almost any crowd. For lots of variety, find a local food truck to come park and serve your guests.

  3. Add Cultural Elements. I’m not saying you need to hand out ponchos to each guest, but you can incorporate items such as chili peppers, stripes, pinatas, limes, etc into your decor.

  4. Layer it Up. When doing your place settings, don’t shy away from using different colors, patterns, or textures together. You want the vibe to feel fun and celebratory with lots of visual stimulation.

  5. Bring on the Margaritas. Let’s face it, you can’t truly claim it’s a Fiesta without some tequila. You can even rent margarita machines that will make serving frozen drinks super easy. Sangria is another great option.

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