Wedding Planning Tips: How to Style Your Dessert Table

Having an array of desserts has become a popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake. As with all decor aspects of your big day, you want this table to be a beautiful focal point. Here are a few guidelines that will help.

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1. Dimension. When staging any display, you want there to be different heights to add visual interest. With desserts, you can achieve this by using tiered cake stands, crates, or other creative accessories. Just make sure you balance your pieces so the table doesn’t look heavier on one side.

2. Texture. Texture can be achieved by using a fun linen or adding some flowers to the table. This will soften the look and give the table a more plush feel.

3. Signage. Thanks to sites like Etsy, it’s so easy to have custom signs painted or printed. This is the perfect location for a romantic quote or monogram. At the very least, use menu cards to identify your goodies.

4. Lighting. The last thing you want is for this awesome display to be left in the shadows. Candles on the table work great, but consider putting a pin spot light on the table or having a chandelier.

5. Look Up. If your table backs up to a wall, add something to draw your guests’ eyes upward. This could be a photo display, a banner, or simply a tall cake in the center.

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